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What to Expect When Having Your Driveway Installed or Replaced

When properly installed and maintained, concrete driveways can last between two to three decades. Various factors can affect the lifespan of this part of your home, including weight from vehicles, wear from the elements, and natural aging. When the time comes when you need to have a driveway installed or replaced, it pays to be ready.


Before the actual installation starts, your contractor will need to remove any existing pavement in your driveway. This step typically involves breaking apart the pavement by hand or machinery like a jackhammer. Keep in mind that this process is noisy, but it should only take a few hours.

The next step is to grade and slope the pouring area to make sure water will not pool across your new driveway. Your installers will use dirt movers and other equipment to accomplish the task efficiently. They should add a subbase to give complete support for the bulk of your pavement. It’s to keep your driveway protected against damage brought by freeze-thaw cycles. Moreover, this job can take up to two hours with experienced professionals. Whether you’re having your sidewalks or driveways done, make sure to hire a skilled contractor.


After prepping the working area, contractors use undercutting to address soft spots before pouring the pavement. Machines will dig around two to three feet underneath the soil to replace loose soil with better options. This aids in making your driveway stronger and more resistant to settling or cracking. A driveway frame is then installed to keep it in good condition.

By this time, your contractors should be ready to pour the concrete or asphalt. Driveway pavers usually have a mixing machine or tracking that gradually does the pouring onto your driveway. Using brushes, brooms, and other tools, they will spread the material as evenly as possible. They will continue evening the spread of the pavement to ensure it’s clean and smooth.

Installers may also add butt joints as a transition between another paved area. After this, a roller truck rolls the surface to make it more even. Expect the entire process from preparation to finishing to take from four to five hours.

When planning your driveway installation or replacement project, consider getting stamped and decorative concrete. This option will make your home more appealing and also increase its curb appeal. For your residential and commercial concrete construction needs, turn to NAV Construction. Call us at (540) 812-2277, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services.

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