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Top Benefits of Concrete Patios

During these trying times, you’re limited to mostly staying indoors for your safety and the safety of others as well. As such, you want to make your home look and feel as comfortable as it can – both inside and outside.

One of the upgrades that can significantly improve your home’s exterior is adding a patio. A patio space is a great spot for you and your family to relax and enjoy your time with each other. It even lets you enjoy the outdoors without having to compromise your safety by staying within your property. There are many options to choose from when you’re planning to design and build a patio for your home. These include the common materials, such as wood, gravel and paving stones. However, you should also consider another material that is gaining popularity as of late, which are concrete patios.

Here are the biggest benefits of concrete patios and why they’re a prime option for you to consider if you plan on building a patio.

Aesthetic Versatility of Concrete Patios

Traditional wooden decks are a standard choice for homeowners who want a low-key, neutral patio since they offer a great degree of flexibility when it comes to choosing the balcony material, stain and sealant colors. Also, gravel or crushed limestone patios are affordable and quick options, but have more limited style options due to the color of the crushed stone and materials that are bordering it. Conversely, sky’s the limit when you’re picking the style and finish of the patio. But concrete also offers you a lot of options as well.

According to concrete maintenance experts, the concrete finishing techniques used to mimic brick, stone and tile, such as stamping patterns, start as low as $2 to 8 dollars per square foot. If you have a bigger budget, sophisticated design options like engraving patterns and embossing logos into concrete surfaces or custom finishes that mimic various stones like slate and marble can cost you around $20 per square foot. This goes to show how versatile concrete patios are since it’s easy to create a patio area that caters to your backyard, design preference and budget due to the myriad of design options available.

Affordable Initial Cost

The initial cost of adding a conventional concrete patio is significantly lower compared to a wooden deck or using paving stones. Granted, your design choices can increase the cost per square foot, but a concrete patio costs around $15 per square foot, whereas wooden decks cost double at $33 per square foot. It’s also worth noting that a concrete patio can give you a substantial return on investment ranging from around 30% to as high as 60%.

While this isn’t a hard-and-fast value, this is greatly affected by the design choices that you make as well as the condition of your property and your neighborhood. To ensure that you get the most out of your concrete maintenance and installation investment, make sure that your home’s design is coherent and aesthetically pleasing so that it increases your curb appeal.

Concrete Patios Are Durable

Aside from their versatility and affordable cost, concrete patios are known for their superior durability. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, no matter which part of the country you reside. In fact, concrete manufacturers situated in the colder areas of the country take special measures like applying treatments to ensure that the concrete that they produce can withstand the elements. In fact, concrete is so durable that it lasts longer than any kind of masonry installation, even if it’s reinforced with sealer or fibers.

Ease of Maintenance

Compared to masonry paving units and natural stone, concrete repair and installation experts say that concrete is easier to maintain since it features a solid surface. Unlike paving stones, you won’t have to worry about sand-filled gaps between the stones that can cause organic growth, including intrusion by grass and weeds. This can become problematic since the pavers can settle unevenly, which makes your patio unstable that could make you trip.

Aside from sweeping and giving it a quick rinse with a garden hose, the only real maintenance it needs is to apply quality sealant on it every three years. Unlike other materials, wood will rot and warp over time, which requires repairs. You also won’t need to worry about having to restain and reseal your patio every year, which can be costly in itself. Not to mention that using a concrete patio eliminates the risk of termite infestation, wood rot and splintering which can injure you.

Quick and Easy to Install

Unlike other patio materials, concrete patios are quick and easy to install. In fact, you can enjoy your new patio within a day or two, compared to other building methods that require weeks to complete. The process is simple since the concrete is poured in one solid piece on the first day, and it’ll take another day to cure. Once done, you can finally enjoy your new patio!

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Using a concrete patio rather than a wood deck decreases the amount of lumber that needs to be cut down to produce this material. Also, it eliminates the need to use solvent-based wood stains and sealers, which can be harmful to the environment depending on their quality.

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