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Stamped Walkways & Stairs


Stamped Walkway & Stair Design

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t mean you have to invest in a complete exterior makeover. Instead, consider stamped concrete services for your walkways from Nav Construction, one of the go-to stamped concrete companies in Northern Virginia.

We can transform a dull gray concrete sidewalk or pathway into a stunning exterior accent to your home’s exterior with our expertise. Our time-tested process replicated the warmth and visual appeal of natural stone and brick walkways.

Faster Installation

Stamped concrete, or imprinted concrete, is a cost-effective alternative for stones, brick, tile, flagstone, slate, and wood. Nav Construction uses multiple patterns and color choices to create beautiful walkways and sidewalks leading to your front and rear entrances, garden, swimming pool, and more.

Nav Construction team includes the best Northern Virginia concrete contractors. Our technicians can provide clients with multiple stamped concrete walkway and sidewalk options, thanks to everyone’s concrete expertise, creativity, and attention to detail. We will create a cohesive look to match your existing structures and perfectly complement your home’s architectural and landscaping designs.


Our Work

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Benefits of Stamped Walkways & Stairs

You might not think stamped concrete walkways are worthwhile, but they offer several benefits. Besides adding a sense of charm to your exterior decor, these decorative surfaces provide endless design opportunities that could boost your home’s curb appeal. You could have a lovely garden pathway, a nice walkway leading from your front door to the street, and more.

Stamped concrete sidewalks and walkways are also easy to maintain. Preserving their textures and colors requires sealing every few years. The surfaces are durable and don’t develop gaps or cracks for weeds to poke through the walkway.

Better Than Natural Stone

Many homeowners don’t give much thought to their sidewalks and walkways, but they should. These surfaces can be more than bare slabs of concrete. ​ However, there is no need to set aside a large budget to install expensive natural stones or bricks. Stamped concrete designs will mimic the look of costly materials at a fraction of the price.

NAV Construction takes pride in working closely with each client from the beginning to the end of their concrete project. When you are ready to create your stamped concrete walkway, you will have plenty of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from to make your walking surfaces stand out from others in your neighborhood.

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