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How to Winterize a Concrete Surface

With the winter season fast approaching, most homeowners are taking action to protect their homes from the cold weather. Aside from protecting their exterior, they shouldn’t forget about their outdoor structures, including their sidewalks, patios and decor. Here’s how to winterize a concrete surface.

Inspect for Signs of Damage

The first course of action you should take when winterizing your concrete surface is to assess its current condition. If the concrete is showing signs of damage like spalling, cracks or unevenness, you should have these issues addressed as soon as possible. Keep in mind that these issues can worsen as the temperature gets lower and lower. If you notice cracks on your concrete, you can have it repaired with a durable sealant. However, if you noticed a huge, uneven crack, you might need to contact a professional to assist you.

Seal All Concrete Surfaces

Sealing is the best way to keep your concrete surface in pristine condition. As such, doing so before the winter ensures that it won’t get damaged when moisture comes into contact with your concrete slab’s surface.

If your concrete is free of damage or has been newly repaired, you can protect it with acrylic sealant to prevent moisture from damaging it during the winter. However, if you’re not sure how much cleaning and sealing is needed for your concrete, leave it to the pros at NAV Construction!

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