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Fire Pit & Chimney Design

Dreaming of a timeless brick fireplace without the high price tag? Intrigued by an engraved retaining wall to give your home extra curb appeal? Stamped concrete can deliver these results and more without breaking the bank.

Stamped concrete can imitate the look of countless materials, including stone, wood, brick, tile, and slate. It can make every architectural style come to life without the innate restrictions of these other materials.

Many people see the fireplace as the heart of their home and a statement piece that defines their aesthetic. Yet, many classic materials used for traditional fireplaces—stone, brick, marble, and tile—can quickly add up or are impractical for many homes.


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Why Should You Go For A Fire Pit or Chimney

Fire pits are now all the rage among homeowners. They make spending time in your outdoor space a joy, even in chilly weather, and encourage your guests to linger. An efficient, sturdy, and beautifully designed fire pit makes time spent in your backyard all the more enjoyable. Stamped concrete allows you to customize your fire pit design.

For example, you can replicate the look and feel of a classic circular stone fire pit or choose an edgier design like a Deco-style fire pit with a limestone texture. Stamped concrete also works well with either gas-fired or wood-burning fire pits. If you think your existing fire pit needs an update, our stamped concrete contractors in Woodbridge, VA can apply an overlay to your fire pit to make it look brand-new. Furthermore, producing and installing stamped concrete is an efficient process, so you can enjoy your new fire pit in no time.

Malleable & Lighter

Concrete is a poured substance, so besides being stamped, it can be stretched, sculpted, and molded into any form you like. A fireplace not located on the ground floor is subject to weight restrictions. Stone, for example, can easily make a fireplace too heavy for a home to bear. Though concrete is heavy-duty, using a different mixture of compounds can make it lighter.

Classy & Convenient

Take your outdoor living area to the next level with an inviting fire or meal cooking. Family and friends gather around a fireplace. We create a wide variety of styles and designs. Upgrade and enhance your evenings with a fire pid or outdoor chimney.

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