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Concrete Patio Designs and Ideas You Should Check Out

Concrete is the most traditional patio building material, but it is also versatile. It has a smooth, clean surface and can be cast and sculpted into curvilinear or geometric shapes.

Curing methods can be used to enhance textures or create patterned patio designs. Sweeping a stiff broom across the drying concrete once in each direction adds “teeth” and keeps it from becoming slippery when wet.

1. The Effortless Transition

This concrete patio design is an excellent example of how design can be enhanced by breaking away from expectations. The patio’s pattern alternates between two different methods, but the transitions are seamless, resulting in a harmonious design.

By repeating the same pattern throughout, the patio’s focal point is the patina-like look of the concrete. The natural effect of sweeping a broom across the concrete as it dries gives it a distressed, organic appearance.

2. The Concrete Spa

This concrete patio design uses two different colors of concrete to create a patterned design that’s both eye-catching and relaxing. A patio does not have to be a flat concrete plain aesthetically pleasing.

The patio could evoke different feelings depending on the colors and pattern chosen. It could produce a sense of movement or calm and soothe. If you are looking for a way to make an ordinary patio extraordinary, consider experimenting with different colors and patterns.

3. The Geometric Charm

This concrete patio features a geometric design perfect for a more formal, traditional space. This is a concrete slab, so its surface is smooth. It has enough texture to make it look attractive.

The patio’s smooth surface is perfect for a table and chair set to invite a family gathering. While its design is modern, the colors chosen are earthy and natural. This makes the patio’s design look good with the rest of the landscape.

4. The Concrete Fire Pit

This concrete patio design uses the same sweeping concept as the Effortless Transition design but differently. An intricate pattern can be used to create a rustic, hand-hewn appearance. In this design, the sweeping movement creates a circle that serves as the fire pit’s pedestal.

5. The Nature Lover

This concrete patio design is an excellent example of how concrete’s versatility makes it the choice for patio lovers. This is a perfect choice for the green thumb, as they can grow plants in the grooves of the concrete. The concrete patio’s design has a natural, rustic feel, but urns and other decorative elements would allow you to create a more formal structure.


As you can see, concrete has a variety of uses in patio designs. From adding a unique stamp on a patio that conforms to the expected, concrete is an ideal medium for patio designers to create a patterned patio that breaks the mold.

If you are planning a concrete patio for your home or business, you can still personalize it by choosing the colors you want or a specific pattern.

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