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Common Mistakes With DIY Concrete Installation

A new driveway or patio will boost your home’s curb appeal and value. However, it’s best to hire professionals if you’re considering adding these features to your house. Even concrete maintenance should be accomplished by pros. When not done properly, attempting to pour concrete on your own will do more harm than good.

Read on to discover some of the most common DIY concrete mistakes.

Poor Preparation

Preparing an area for pouring concrete goes beyond excavating and removing debris. Pouring concrete on top of loose soil will cause the material to crumble, degrade and crack as the soil moves and settles. Professionals create a compact base for a longer-lasting concrete surface. After they have made sure that the soil is firm, they will level the surface as well as build, install and level forms or borders.

Using the Wrong Tools

Improper use of materials can result in bumps, cracks and unevenness on the surface. Wooden or plastic tools can break quickly when used for concrete. You need to be quick when pouring concrete, so you must have everything on hand before you start mixing. Aside from the concrete mix, you also need to purchase necessary tools, such as a large wheelbarrow, concrete mixer, darby, heavy-duty concrete groover and more. By hiring a pro, you can save time, money and yourself from stress.

Using the Wrong Amount of Water

Another common DIY concrete mistake is using the wrong amount of water and dry concrete. It can result in poor concrete appearance and durability. The mixture shouldn’t be chunky or runny, but have a nice, smooth and malleable consistency. Homeowners tend to add excessive amounts of water to make the concrete more workable. However, doing so can weaken the mixture and reduce the strength of the concrete.

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