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5 Smart Ways to Make Your Concrete Patio More Attractive

A patio can be a great addition to any home, adding both functionality and value. If you are looking at ways to improve your home and add value, then you can consider a patio. This will increase the value of your home and will also make it easier for you to entertain guests in your home.

Concrete patios are a popular choice for many homeowners as it is cheap, easy to work with, strong, and very durable. But to make your concrete patio appear more attractive, it is not necessary to spend a ton of money. You just need to spend an hour or two planning and then you are good to go.

Here are some cool ideas for making your concrete patio more attractive for the fraction of the price.

Add Contrast

Concrete slabs can be quite boring and monotonous. However, it is possible to create the look of a more expertly poured patio by adding texture to the concrete. You can do this by adding color, texture, and/or patterns to your concrete patio.

Stain. You can add color to the concrete by adding a concrete dye. This is a special type of concrete stain that will dye or stain the concrete while it is being poured, giving the concrete a unique appearance.

Texture. If you are looking for a more natural look, not too far removed from concrete, then you can add texture to your concrete patio. You can do this by creating a pattern such as lines, angles, circles, and other shapes onto your patio.

Patterns. You can also create patterns on your concrete patio. This could be anything from a simple stripe to a leafy pattern.

Install Lighting

Installing lighting on your patio at night can be a really cool way to show off your newly built concrete patio. If you are looking for lighting for your patio, then you should consider solar lighting. This is a useful lighting option because you will not have to worry about electrical wiring needed to run the lights.

Another popular option is to use patio string lighting. This is a really cool way to light up your patio and is also an easy, cost-effective option.

Use Flush Decking

Flush decking is the name given to a way of creating a patio that has the look of having a wooden deck on top of it. To do this, you can build wooden slats that will fit into the concrete patio and sit flush with the top. This will give the patio the look of having a wooden deck and it is also a really cool way of using reclaimed wood for your patio.

You can also build a wooden deck and convert it into a concrete deck by pouring concrete over it. Just be sure to install wooden boards on the top that will fit flush with the top of the concrete.

Make it Multi-Purpose

If you are limited on space, you may want to consider making your concrete patio a multi-purpose space. If you are looking to include a barbecue on your patio, then you can consider getting a concrete barbecue that will sit on top of the concrete.

Another cool way of adding a multi-purpose space to your patio is to add a seating area to your patio.

Chairs can be heavy and awkward to move around, so instead, you can install a concrete bench on your concrete patio. This is also a really cool way of adding a seating area to your patio.

Frame it With a Pergola

A pergola is a type of arbor or an open, often roofed covering that is used to provide shelter and shade. It can also add a lot of space to your concrete patio. If you are looking for a way to fill in the space or need a way to shade your patio, then you can consider adding a pergola to your concrete patio.


Concrete patios are a great way of adding value and creating a great place to host parties in your home. But, if you are looking for more of an aesthetic look, then you can make your concrete patio more attractive by adding some of the tips above.

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