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5 Reasons You Should Choose Stamped Concrete Over Pavers

An outdoor living space with a concrete patio is more popular than ever, as evidenced by the number of residential homes and apartment complexes that are including them.

When shopping around for the perfect patio design, you’ll quickly notice that there are many options to consider, from materials to layout. Stamped concrete has many benefits, especially when it comes to durability and versatility, but here’s why you should choose it over other materials.

1) Cost

Cost is often an important consideration when it comes to any new home additions. Concrete stamped with a decorative design is a relatively affordable method to spruce up your backyard.

No matter what you are looking to add, from paths to benches, the price of stamped concrete will be lower than the price of other materials, like stone or tile pavers.

2) Diverse Color Options

When shopping around for stamped concrete, you may notice that there are a lot of different color options available. Many contractors have enough experience with the process to be able to use the same concrete to create any color you wish!

You can choose from any number of earth tones to bright, vibrant colors, or even the same color as your house. If you love the look of white concrete, that option can be available to you, too.

3) Design Flexibility

Stamped concrete is a great option for homeowners who want to find a middle ground between concrete and pavers. You can get the look of concrete, but with the convenience and ease of pavers.

You can create traditional designs, like a checkerboard or brick, but you can also create unique designs that you wouldn’t be able to do with pavers. This is the perfect option for the person who wants to stand out from the crowd.

4) Texture Options

There are a lot of different textures that stamped concrete can have. If you want something that feels more like stone, you can have that as well.

An option that is popular among homeowners is a natural stone feel since that is a material that many homeowners prefer. If you want a more refined look, a polished finish is also an option.

5) Completely Safe

Stamped concrete is very safe, especially if you choose to use a textured finish. Since the texture is actually part of the concrete itself, it is less susceptible to damage than pavers.

This is something to consider if you have small children or pets since they can be potential hazards to your patio. When you are using concrete pavers, you will be dealing with spaces between the pavers that are open and easy for accidents to happen in.

Concrete vs. Pavers

Concrete is poured and layered, which makes it stronger than pavers. There are many options when it comes to the style of concrete patio that you want to choose.

Stamped concrete has a lot of advantages over pavers, which is why it is a great option for your home. If you want to add outdoor living space to your home, you may want to consider using stamped concrete.


Stamped concrete is a very versatile material. You can choose from an assortment of textures to find the look you love, and the color options are endless! If you want a patio that is easy to keep clean, durable, and looks great, concrete is the way to go.

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