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4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Concrete Driveway

While they may seem like just an auxiliary component of a home, a driveway is actually important to the property. After all, since it’s located outdoors and in full view of your neighbors and passersby, it can easily affect your home’s overall curb appeal and value. As such, if you want to keep turning heads for the right reasons, you should make it a point to keep your driveway in top shape at all times, which means knowing when it’s time for a replacement.

1. Potholes

When your driveway has potholes, the best course of action is to take it as a sign that your driveway needs a replacement. This is because not only are potholes signs of driveway damage, but if left unattended, they can damage your vehicle’s tires and suspension system as well if you continuously drive over them. Often, potholes are caused by the ground’s expansion and contraction, and simply repairing them may be just a temporary fix. With that in mind, if your driveway has numerous potholes, a complete replacement is the ideal solution to go for as you can now choose a material that is more resilient to than the one previously used.

2. Age

Driveways aren’t meant to last forever. In fact, their average lifespan of an asphalt driveway is 15 to 20 years. As such, if your driveway is past this age, it’s best that you have it replaced as it’ll only cause problems for you and your home in the long run.

3. Drainage problems

A driveway is said to still be in good condition if water easily drains off of it. However, if your driveway begins to exhibit signs of water drainage issues, take it as a sign that there’s something wrong with it. This is because if left unattended, the water will seep into the surface and weaken the road bed, leading to cracks and potholes. By replacing your driveway, you can solve this problem by having an inlet installed to help direct water away from your property.

4. Cracking

Make no mistake about it: smaller cracks on your driveway can be easily repaired. However, if the cracks are long, wide, and deep, you’ll need to have your driveway replaced as the cracks can no longer be repaired. Apart from that, attempting to simply repair it can also result in the repaired area looking a shade darker than the rest of the driveway, which can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal, making a replacement more ideal than repairs.

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