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4 Different Types of Concrete Curbs

Curbs are important exterior elements. For one, they add to the attractiveness of streets and help improve the curb appeal of these structures. They also strengthen sidewalks and pavements as well as reduce the lengths of driveways built from streets to homes or businesses.

1. Barrier Curbs

They are also known as straight curbs and are the most common types of curbs used in homes and businesses. They serve as barricades between vehicles and sidewalks, parking lots, stores or any type of space, and are made of cement concrete or asphalt aggregates.

2. Mountable Curbs

Also known as rolling curbs, mountable curbs have a slight dip compared to barrier curbs to allow vehicles to access driveways without damaging tires and wheels. They also provide an opening for pedestrians using shopping carts or strollers as well as people who are on roller skates or bicycles to get on or off sidewalks.

3. Integral Curbs

These curbs are fused with the road or street for better traction, allowing larger vehicles to pass without causing damage to the internal structure of the concrete or asphalt. Because they don’t have any jutting edges, they create a smoother transition into the road than other curb types.

4. Mower Curbs

Often combined with stamped and decorative concrete, mower curbs offer a more decorative function and are usually found in residential or commercial landscaping. These are installed to enclose flower beds and protect lawn mowers from damage.

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